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Business leaders are under pressure to innovate, inspire and implement ideas, and to keep leadership skills sharp and current. While formal education equips leaders for the technical demands of their role, development of leaders’ personal growth and relationship skills is better achieved through coaching.

We are Executive Coaches and Organizational Development (OD) consultants with unique expertise in helping EXECPreneurs (an executive inside a corporate structure who values entrepreneurship) manage change and align people, processes, and practices for success.

Our approach embodies a systems-thinking perspective, with a set of values about how people and organizations best work, and use behavioral sciences theories and research to improve organization and individual effectiveness.

The field of OD is broad, and interconnects with training and human resources. A sample of interventions deployed by CKI are:

  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Consulting

Coaching improve leaders’ decision-making and interpersonal relationships. Executive coaching also makes a difference in leaders’ self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which has a significant impact on the their ability to influence others. In the process, they improve themselves and create a greater impact on their organizations.


Executive coaching improves senior leaders' decision-making and interpersonal relationships, dramatically enhancing their ability to influence others and effect change.

As advisors to C-level executives, CKI provides coaching and consulting to drive performance improvement from the top down.


Teams & Workgroups

CKI clients include 20 leaders from 5 global organizations who agree, the most impactful change management efforts center on people: individuals working at their full potential and teams working at maximum efficiency.

We coach teams and workgroups to reduce conflict and dysfunction, encouraging greater collaboration.



Enterprise leaders are confronting myriad changes – new economic realities, consolidating functions, and realigning resources with shifting organizational priorities.

As experts in Organizational Development, the team at CKI facilitates sustainable change initiatives for bottom line results.


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