Organization Development and Management Consulting

A key benefit of working with CKI is we provide leaders a road-map.  We meet you where you are today, give an accurate assessment of your culture and talent and outline a change initiative to reach new levels of organization and individual effectiveness.

Client requests vary tremendously. They can be urgent in nature, however most are related to sustainability and competitive intelligence. Each client road-map is specific to the organization’s strategic objectives.

Typical clients requests:

  • New Chairman & CEO accelerated integration
  • Board dynamics (dialogues, decision-making, conflict resolution)
  • Corporate Scorecard & Dashboard
  • Strategic Planning – self-organizing, basic and goal based
  • Alignment – align people, process, and practices for success
  • Facilitation – improve dialog
  • Coaching – improve coach-ability, enhance self-awareness, increase effectiveness
  • Succession Planning – talent retention and development
  • Marketing Strategy – review and refine or develop on-line and off-line strategies to grow the business

US Locations:

Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago,
New York, San Francisco

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+1 770-886-2633

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International Locations:

London, Tokyo, Dubai, Sydney
Mumbai, Johannesburg